Establishment Of Schools:

CRCDC aim is to establish schools in the villages where there are no schools and to collaborate with Government’s education and literacy programme. These schools follow the state’s education policy and curriculum. Deserving children of our schools are educated either by giving concession or free education. Neighborhood students are given preferences wherever our schools are established. There are feeder primary schools in the remote villages, from where students are brought to established high schools for middle and high school education. The fees charged from the students are very affordable and minimal, just for the payment of the Teachers, and minimal expenditures of the school. Since school buildings are constructed by the help of generous benefactors, the burden of the cost of establishment is not put on students. Currently 4 number of Odiya medium schools 8 numbers of English Medium schools are running by CRCDC  in different region which are as follows:

Odiya Medium Schools:

  1. Prabhatitara Girls’ High School – Bamunigam, Kandhamal
  2. Vincent’s M.E. School – Mondasoro, Kandhamal
  3. Vijay High School – Raikia, Kandhamal
  4. St. Catherine’s Girls’ High School- Raikia, Kandhama

English Medium Schools:

  1. St.Mary’s School, Jajpur
  2. St.Antony’s School, Nayabazar, Cuttack
  3. Holy Family School, Nayagarh
  4. Bethany Convent School, Paradip
  5. Carmel School, Phulbani
  6. St.John’s School, Balliguda
  7. St.John’s School, Bamunigam
  8. St.John’s School, Boudh

Hostel For The Poor Boys’ And Girls’

Establishment of hostel for the most vulnerable Dalit, Adivasi and Minority children is the priority of the CRCDC in order to promote education among the targeted groups. In this objective, CRCDC has established 21 hostels for both Boy’s and Girl’s separately. It provides an opportunity to learn and grow in order to shape their future. It provides residential facilities to the children with subsidized cost to run the hostels as some children are from very poor families and are unable to pay the fees. At present there are 950 nos Boy’s and 1100 nos of Girl’s child in the following hostels.

Hostels for Boys                              

  1. Paul’s Hostel Balliguda
  2. Rushimal Mission Hostel, Bamunigam
  3. Boini Mission Hostel, Daringabadi
  4. Boogard’s Boys’ Hostel, Godapur
  5. Yubo Jyoti Boys’ Hostel, Kattingia
  6. Boys’ Hostel, Pobingia
  7. Bishop Tobar Boys’ Hostel, Raikia
  8. Dhanmandal

Hostel for Girls

  1. Mount Carmel Girls’ Hostel, Balliguda
  2. Prabhatitara Girls’ Hostel, Bamunigam
  3. Girls’ Hostel, Mondasoro
  4. Sevasharam, Daringbadi
  5. Girls’ Hostel, Phobingia
  6. Catherine Girls’ Hostel, Raikia

Orphanage/ Crches:

We provide an opportunities and better facilities to the orphan and destitute boys and girls, who want to pursue their education, especially the children from remote areas accessing our residential facilities. CRCDC thus provides full support to run the orphanages and Crèches. Currently we have more than 500 numbers of children who stay in our different units.

Education Support to children in need:

CRCDC always sees the quality education and children’s good performance. in order to bring down the dropout rate among the backward children, CRCDC provides various supports to the said children for their continuation of study which includes School Uniforms, Shoes, Umbrella, Bag, Text Book, Pencils, Pen, Note Books And Chart Copy.

Tuition for the Hostel Children and Summer Course

In every hostel, CRCDC conducts a special tuition programmes for its hostels inmates so that they can improve and score good marks in their academic examinations. In some remote areas, CRCDC has tuition centres as well. It also conducts summer intensive course for both boys and girls of high school students for a duration of 3 months.