Who We Are?

The Cuttack Roman Catholic Diocesan Corporation (CRCDC) was established on 22 December 1945 under Section 13 of Company Act for religious, charitable and educational purpose. The head office is located at Sayanagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Eastern India. CRCDC works mostly in nine civil districts of Odisha, namely Kandhamal, Nayagarh, Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Jajpur, Khurda, Boudh and Cuttack.

Under its credit there are many schools, rural feeder primary schools, hospitals and dispensaries, vocational training centres, orphanages, schools for the physically challenged, hostels for the poor boys and girls in the rural areas, community halls for social and religious gatherings, social centres for Self-Help Groups, women development centres and a peace centre for promotion of peace in various parts of Odisha.

As CRCDC is a charitable and non-profit making organization, it undertakes many works of charity among the poor and provides relief to people affected by natural and man-made calamities by medical assistance, food, clothing and drinking water distribution, rehabilitation programme, camp-counseling, visiting and caring for the sick, poor, needy, downtrodden, old and handicapped, and to promote community health care and nutrition in any manner as may be deemed expedient. The Organization also carries out agricultural programmes among the villagers by animating and conscientizing them about method of cultivation, water conservation and marketing possibilities.

Eventually, CRCDC has been contributing much towards the social, economic and spiritual development of the people through education, health care, charity, and empowerment of women, child welfare, relief and rehabilitation, coordination of youths, seminar and many other social awareness programmes. The untiring efforts of our personnel at grass root levels, village levels and regional levels have benefited many and would benefit many more.

The infrastructure provided is lifelong platforms of development. The participation of local leaders, village elders, volunteers and youth gives tooth to our committed and concerted efforts in reaching out to many people. We prefer to co-operate and collaborate with the Central and State Government agencies for the overall development of people.

In the coming years, besides continuing with the areas where we have reached out already, we plan to reach out to more areas.

What We Do?


The aim of the CRCDC is to propagate, contribute, improve, assist and aid in the promotion of general welfare and physical, mental, material, spiritual, moral and cultural advancement of the people at large. The Organization does all deeds and acts in fulfillment of any or all of the objects without any distinction as to caste, creed, religion, gender, community or language.

CRCDC is reaching out to the unreached people and works for their integrated development by undertaking multi-pronged social development initiatives that include human dignity, social justice, sustainable peace building, education, health care, reconciliation and harmonious living.

The organization works with the following key objective:

  • To empower and educate the poor by establishing educational institutions i.e. schools, hostels, orphanages, creches, foundling Homes, nurseries, libraries and reading guilds

  • To promote good health among the marginalized community by establishing hospitals, clubs, dispensaries and other educational and charitable institutions.

  • To carry out charitable works to build up confraternities, solidarities especially for the victims affected by man-made or natural disasters.

  • To promote religious harmony and peace through establishment of churches, chapels, houses, convents, homes for the poor, mission stations, and other religious and charitable institutions in the province of Odisha.

The Key Activities:

  1. Establishment of Hostels for the poor children: Education is a key to development and empowerment. In order to promote quality education among the most marginalized children (Tribal, Dalit and Minority), CRCDC has established 25 hostels both for boy’s and girl’s separately (12 boys’ and 13 girls’ hostels) for about 3,000 elementary and high school students

  1. Operating Schools: Through education we believe that real progress can be achieved in society. A social change for progress and harmony is cultivated in the young minds while they are in the schools. So, this is one of the top-most important priorities of the organization. CRCDC is committed to educate the poor and marginalized communities and is engaged since its inception. Presently, it operates 10 numbers of Odiya medium educational institutions along with lodging and boarding facilities. Children from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and Minority who considered as backward categories, are given hostel facilities providing food, clothes, teaching learning materials, and other necessary materials in order to improve academic performance and individual growth.

  1. Orphanage, Creche: The CRCDC has three crèches and two orphanages in which about 500 children avail our service.

  1. Functioning Tuition Centres: In every hostel, CRCDC conducts a special tuition programmes for its hostel inmates so that they can improve and score good marks in their academic examinations. At village level in some parts of needy areas also CRCDC has the tuition centres by arranging teachers mostly from the local areas which give maximum benefit to the children.

  1. Conducting Health Care Service: Our 17 health centers/dispensaries cater to most vulnerable groups in remote area. These centers provide free health check-up and medicines to the poor. Mostly we provide health check up for the hostel children, people from various communities, mobile health clinics, and nutritional supplements for the malnourished children, leprosy home, and old age homes.

  1. Form and strengthen the community institutions: At the grass root level, CRCDC helps the community get organized and access to Government welfare schemes. With CRCDC’s interventions and community institutions, several SHGs, Farmers Clubs, Village Development Committees, Youth Clubs, Children Parliament and Village Education Committee are formed. They are also taken for exposures to have practical knowledge of functioning of their groups effectively.

  1. Organize vocational trainings for unemployed youths: CRCDC operates eight vocational training centers, and able to train about 1,500 unemployed youth annually in various skill enhancement training programmess such as sewing, driving, computer, mobile repairing, electrical wiring, housekeeping and hospitality management, nursing aid, and create linkages for their employment.

  1. Support to the needy and bright students to pursue higher education: CRCDC supports partial financial help to 42 deserving economically poor but bright students for professional college/university courses such as law, communication and journalism, social work, education and nursing.

  1. Undertake Livelihood enhancement programmes i.e. Watershed, micro-finance, and promoting various income generating activities, skill training, agricultural support, creation of seed bank, promotion of organic farming,

  2. Responding to natural calamities and manmade disasters by relief and rehabilitation support which includes non-food items such as tarpaulins, sleeping mat, rope, sanitary clothes, aqua tab, clothes, utensils and the rehabilitation support includes low cost housing, and livelihood recovery support.

  1. Working towards Peace Building and Communal Harmony: CRCDC works mostly in the conflict areas towards peace building, communal harmony and sustainable coexistence could be fostered. It conducts various peace workshops, seminars, quiz competitions for children, sports for youths, skill training to the unemployed youths.

Where We Work?

CRCDC works mostly in nine civil districts of Odisha namely:
  • Kandhamal
  • Nayagarh
  • Puri
  • Jagatsinghpur
  • Kendrapara
  • Jajpur
  • Khurda
  • Boudh
  • Cuttack
  • Eastern India.